Easy Reader Book Club

Our first Easy Reader Book Club will take place August 24th at 4:00 pm Our selection for this month is Kate DiCamillo’s Bink and Gollie. Go to: Bink and Gollie Quizlet Click here to play some games on the Bink & Gollie official website. We will first watch a movie of our book that you can review when you get back home. Another movie trailer may be found here. We’re going on an expedition to the Mount Everest since we couldn’t find an expedition to the Andes like Gollie…

Easy Reader Book Club September

This month’s Easy Reader Book Club is by David Adler, Cam Jansen and the Pizza Shop Mystery. Cam and Eric go to the mall to get supplies from the stationary store for the first day of school. They decide first to eat, then shop when a mystery of what happened to their chosen table at the pizzeria disappears. What happened to Cam’s jacket? What happened to the sodas they brought back to the table? Read the book and bring it with you to our meeting September 28th. Once you’ve read the book, try out this Quizlet to see how many of the words you understand. Try this interactive crossword puzzle to see how much of the book you remember.

pizza slice