The Quest to the Uncharted Lands

By Jaleigh Johnson is about “Stella’s parents are on the first expedition to the uncharted lands of Solace, but Stella doesn’t want to be left behind. Stowing away aboard the ship, she finds a mysterious boy who is also hiding, and he’s keeping a very big secret. She must decide whether to trust him or risk the fate of the expedition”–.

Gr 4–8—In a third visit to the lands  of Solace, Johnson introduces Stella Glass, a brave young alchemist who stows away on the  exploration airship Iron Glory on its mission to the Uncharted Lands , accompanying her unwitting scientist parents, who have been drafted on this dangerous voyage by their king. Once on board, Stella is startled by the  presence of another stowaway, Cyrus, a magical boy who has the  power to  harness light and heat with his hands to  affect repair of the  physical. He turns out to  be an alien—a visitor from the Uncharted Lands  who came on a secret mission to  Solace long ago and is desperate to  return home. The  protagonist ultimately joins forces with Cyrus, and with the  help of his invisibility suit, the  pair must defeat a faceless saboteur who is determined to  abort the  mission and destroy the  ship and its crew. The  author’s endearing, STEAM-loving heroine and magical hero hit all the  right buttons for middle grade readers. Stella is resourceful and clever yet kind and caring. Her bravery and ingenuity rescue Cyrus and her parents from the  faceless man. The  tender romance that unfolds with Cyrus is funny and heartbreaking as Cyrus does everything he can to  save the  expedition, the  ship, and Stella, only to  become deathly ill as a result. VERDICT A must-have choice for all middle grade shelves where the  previous two volumes are popular.—Jane Barrer, United Nations International School, New York –Jane Barrer (Reviewed 05/01/2017) (School Library Journal, vol 63, issue 05, p84)