We Will Not be Silent: The White Rose Student Resistance Movement that Defied Adolf Hitler

Written by Russell Freedman, this book presents the true story of the White Rose, a group of students in Nazi Germany who were active undercover agents of the resistance movement against Hitler and his regime.

Gr 6–8—Though the  story of the White Rose student resistance  in Nazi Germany has been told elsewhere, Freedman’s focus on the  youth of the  participants will  resonate with readers. Hans Scholl, a free-spirited teen who became disillusioned by the  enforced conformity of his Hitler  Youth group, joined a banned rival group that  discussed forbidden books, and there were no uniforms or marching. Younger sister Sophie got in trouble for reading a book  by a Jewish German poet and questioning the  pervasive anti-Semitism of her society. While attending school in Munich, the  siblings became active in a group of anti-Hitler  pamphleteers. The  story has its share of dark turns, including arrests, lengthy detentions, and the  eventual trial and execution by guillotine of Hans and Sophie. But Freedman treats these aspects gracefully, and the  overarching message is one of defiant resistance  in the  face of overwhelming evil. “You will  go down in history,” their father, an outspoken pacifist, told them after their conviction. “There is such a thing as justice despite this. I am proud of both of you.” Stock photos from the  period are adeptly interspersed with personal snapshots and portraits to create a strong visual component. VERDICT A highly readable and well-documented overview of a fascinating aspect of World War II.—Bob Hassett, Luther Jackson Middle School, Falls Church, VA –Bob Hassett (Reviewed 03/01/2016) (School Library Journal, vol 62, issue 3, p175)